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Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm Better Than You...But I Still Suck

 There was a time when I used to write a lot of songs. It was just a time when it was something I needed to do to express myself and get through some hard times. I enjoyed it and was very prolific. Because of that I began to hang out with a lot of musicians and go to bars where they had jams. 
A friend of mine said I had a nice speaking voice,  which I do, and that I would make a good singer. She was a fantastic singer herself, and also a vocal coach, so she would know. We actually wrote songs together and she heard me sing just a bit.
I always knew that I have a decent voice, but I am no singer. On my best day,  I am marginal at best. I did end up getting on stage and sang a few times. I wasn't horrible, or embarrassing, but I was not really that good. I knew that. My talent is writing, not performing.
I have also never been one for Karaoke. I like to see great talent perform. I don't care for poorly performed anything. That may be fine for some, but it's not for me.
From time to time my wife and I watch American Idol. When I say we watch, what I really mean to say is I am in the kitchen getting junk food and she is in the den watching Idol and I stop for a few minutes to watch until I can't take it anymore. Without Simon Cowell,  there is really no reason for me to watch that show.
Anyway,  it is obvious that a lot of them are pretty bad singers. More so early in the competition. Even more so in the auditions, which, while funny, are painful to watch.
She often mentions to me that I sing better than most of them, which I do, and I should try out.
When this discussion happens (and it happens a lot) I always tell her that I will do it if she will do it. Of course, that is the dagger that ends the conversation, because she won't. She can't sing either. She wants me to do it because she thinks I can. 
I always point out to her that while I am better than you,  and better than most of them, I still suck at singing. My life goal is not to be better than the worst of the worst. I will leave that chore to the Karaoke and American Idol hopefuls.
Thank You. Thank you very much. Yup, not covering Elvis any time soon either. Did Little Sister once on stage, and that was the last time I ever went up.

I am going to write a blog about the potential singers looking to be the next American Idol. My wife often comments that I sing better than them and I should try out. I have some thoughts on that.

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  1. When I was a child I would sing but then I did not start again until I was forty years old. Up until a few years ago we dragged our {gasp} Karaoke to the Rehab centers or nursing homes and sang the oldies until our generation songs were the oldies.. Since my husband's name is Paul and I am Paula, we were constantly asked to sing that that song. My husband was treated by the VA with psychotropic drugs that triggered an Alzheimer effect so we are no longer able to sing in public - unless I take the lead which I do not like to do. We got to sing Hey Paula only once.
    You don't need to be on American Idol but don't let the joy of singing be stilled before it needs to be.
    We 'practice' singing and it while it stays within our home - it brings joy and triggers happy memories..


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