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Friday, November 4, 2011

Justin Bieiber's next album: Boy meets girl..and is very gender confused

 Yes, I am reflective.  I say some witty things that make you laugh from time to time. There are many reasons why you should be glad to know me. But I bet you didn't know that I am a music industry insider. 
Well,  it is your lucky day.
I have the scoop,  the exclusive that you won't see anywhere else. The songs off Justin Bieber's next album. It is a cover album with many favorites and it has a theme.

The title:

Boy meets girl..and is very gender confused.

Side 1

(I know you are all) waiting for a star to fall

If I were a boy (I'd still cry like a girl)

Walk like a man (sing like a girl)

dude looks like a lady (insert witty retort here)

Side Two

Girls just want to have fun (even though they appear to be boys)

Ooh baby baby (baby, baby, oh baby baby oh

Baby where did our love go ( and why am i still here?)

Baby its you ( and by you I mean all of you)


 Baby Love

Don't call me baby (I do all  the baby talking here)

Side 3

yes,  3 sides, because he is just so special.

Who's your daddy (who's your baby)

Papa was a rolling stone (I'm a little teacup short and stout)

Billie jean (is not my lover, she's just a girl I borrowed makeup from)

It's raining men (oh yeah baby baby oh baby baby ,

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