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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yesterdays Bread--the new kid in town

When you are young and fresh, just like bread coming out of a hot oven, everybody wants you. Hands are out and the desire to taste you, all that is you, is ever present.
Steaming hot and fresh. Everybody wanted it. The aroma was intoxicating. You just couldn't wait to sink your teeth into it.
As days stretch out into weeks, and in some cases months and years, that desire fades.
Like one week old bread, the bloom is off the rose. Things begin going stale. Yesterdays bread is now not fresh, not tasty, not a warm intoxicating experience.
You begin to become ignored and it only gets worse. Bread not tended to and eaten in a timely manner only degrades to the point that it is not bread anymore. It is now garbage to be tossed away. Nobody is even interested in bothering with that task. The only real interest is to go to the bakery and get a new loaf. A fresh loaf.
As that new loaf is bagged, still hot from just being baked in the oven of the baker, it is carted off home and put in the pantry. The old loaf, now Yesterdays bread, has only a few hard, cold slices left. It is pushed to the corner and ignored. It sits for another week or so, as the new loaf gets all the attention.
Another week has now passed and the new loaf is also Yesterday's bread. It has joined its new friend in the pantry as they now share something in common. Wanted, but now not wanted anymore. A fresh new loaf arrives again and now there is not enough room for the fresh loaf and the two "old" loaves.
Somebody has to do it. Take those old loaves and throw them out. They are now not just old news, unwanted products of a time that has passed, they are an eyesore that needs to go away. Carted away like the garbage they have now become.

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