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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do Looks Matter: Updated

A couple of years ago I made a comment about Yoko Ono and how if I was John Lennon and had my pick of the most beautiful women in the world, she would not have been my choice. Most took that as the backhanded and sarcastic thing I am prone to say and understood it an off the cuff joking kind of remark. I would never presume to understand why some people end up with each other or are attracted to one another. Of course, a serious long term relationship and love should not be based on physical appearance alone and is not likely to last if it is.
That being said, I'm gonna write today about looks.
Do looks matter? If so, how much do they matter?
My personal opinion is that they do and they matter a lot. We are sexual beings and on some level most if not all of us have to be physically stimulated and attracted to the person we choose. That is where most romantic relationships start. Like it or not, admit it or not, most of us can be very attracted, at least initially, to someone who just stimulates us visually with their appearance and only with that. I know I can and my observance is that most are the same: many don't like to admit it. I have no such qualms.
Now, I will say this: Physical beauty is the initial stimulus to get me interested in you, but it will not keep my attention very long if that is all you got. I like substance and some personality to back it up. If all you have is shapely boobs, a pretty face and a cute butt, I will get very tired of you very quickly.
Personally, I would much rather be appreciated for my personality, humor, and caring and witty nature than any looks I may or may not possess. But I don't mind if someone is interested in me for just my looks. I find it more flattering than insulting or shallow.

So I am asking here, what is your opinion and how much do looks really matter to you?

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  1. I agree with you. Looks matter, but thankfully everyone has their own idea of what they find attractive (e.g the John/Yoko head scratcher). I'll admit it; I was initially drawn to my husband because he was hot. But like you said, if looks are all you have going for you, I'm not interested.


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