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Monday, February 20, 2012

Facebook relationship Timeline

Day one: noticed on a friends page
Day two: witty or interesting comment.
Day three: poke and poke back
Day four:  friend request
Day five: private message
Day six:  compliment city
Day seven: chat
Day eight:  hot chat
Day nine: more hot chat
Day ten: phone call or skype
Day Eleven:  sex chat
Day Twelve: staying up late and then not getting up for work chat.
Day Thirteen:  Never took off pajamas all day chat,  where did the time go chat?
Two weeks: Went from "Single" to"in a relationship"
Three weeks:  Went from  "in a relationship" to "it's complicated"
One month:  Went "it's complicated to "screw you"
6 weeks: Went from  screw you" to "fuck you" 
8 weeks:  Went from  "fuck you" to "blocked"
3 months: Went from  "blocked" to "a restraining order with a distance stipulation".
4 months: Relationship status "Single" 

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