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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The reality of life

Short and pretty much to the point today. Not feeling all theoretical and long winded today.
Men will always be men. We will look at other women. No matter how much we love you, we are going to do that.
No matter how much you wish we wouldn't do that, how much sometimes we wish we wouldn't do that,  it is going to continue to happen.
Women will always be emotional and  make more out of things than is really there. No matter how much you wish they weren't that way, they are always going to be that way.
We buy a bill of goods when we make a commitment to one another. We don't get to pick and choose which parts we like. You get the whole package or you get none of the package.
It would be great if we could mold our love interests into what we want. What suits us best. But we can't.
But nature made us a certain way. You want us, and we want you. For better or worse is really a great phrase.
Sometimes worse is better than.
Do you take this reality to be your life partner?

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