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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The story of how timeline was the last straw for some

Timeline of the facebook timeline

The beginning of the end--------------------Facebook admins are hired

Time well wasted---FB admins are bored because really they do nothing and have no purpose

Lunchtime--------------Facebook admins go to lunch and drink soda from a straw

Crunchtime------Facebook admins have to justify their salary to avoid moving                                 back  in with  their  parents and living in the basement

Nailbiting time-------Facebook admins get nervous. Their parents are even more nervous.

Happy Hour---FB admins throw darts at the wall, come up with ideas. It is where all useless tools do their best work

Time Stands Still--------Dart hits idea of creating something few want

500 Monkeys in the room time--FB admins pitch idea to socially inept leader Mark Zuckerberg

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It is?---Zuckerberg loves it. He has no idea if others do, nor does he care. He rejoices in the power he has created due to his devious ways of the past

Happy Time----Parents of facebook admins are extremely happy, Basement can now be used for dads obscure beer can collection.

Defcon 5-----Facebook Timeline is introduced. Facebook users are confused and outraged. Admins are happy and content. Basement living has been avoided.

Defcon 4----Timeline is forced upon some members even though they don't want it

A Spicoli moment-----FB admins and Zuckerberg ignore members concerns and proclaim it a great success

Nap Time---------------members  complain about timeline but are ignored

The Future---------members leave facebook over timeline fiasco

Look Look Look Looking out my back door------facebook responds to lost members too late as they are so busy staring in the mirror.

2013,---------- FB admins fired. facebook stock plummets. 

Defcon1-----------------FB ad customers flock to better site that looks after its members interests

Back In Time----Mark Zuckerberg does search on Wikipedia "Customer Service". He discounts this as science fiction 


  1. Bwah!! I agree. Seems like FB administrators are just looking for things to keep themselves busy and don't even bother to read or acknowledge the feedback from users. They piss me off all the time.

  2. Too funny!!! I haven't had the timeline forced on me yet... I will probably leave if they do... just keep my author's page up.


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