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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why can't we hate things anymore?

We all love to love. Love feels good. It is possibly the best feeling in the world. I don't deny that.
But at times, hate also feels good. It can be a release,  or just a venting point to express yourself.
Of course,  in these politically correct times,  we are chastised for hating anything.
I am sorry, but I still hate things, and some people. And I am okay with it.
Here are some things and people I hate. Yes...hate.

1) people who can get their money out before they get to the cashier but insist on never doing it
2) politicians who just make it worse and then lie about it and say they don't
3) arrogant athletes who think it is all about them
4) inconsiderate drivers
5)people who kick the back of my seat more than once. Once is an accident,  twice has purpose

6) Vevo on you tube.  I really fucking hate that.
7)the arrogance of FB admins to think they know what we want when they don't
8)people blessed with a high IQ who insist on acting stupid
9)parents who take their kid out in public then think it is okay to let them run around and ruin my good time
10) I hate racists who go around using free speech as a right to be ignorant.

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