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Saturday, March 31, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

1. When I was younger we didn't need a Swiffer.  We used a mop or a broom..and we got along just fine. things were clean then too. Just sayin.

2. I find myself clicking unfollow post..a lot these days.

3. Note to You Tube: I understand the need for you to make a profit and therefore have ads. I don't get how you or the advertisers think bombarding me with the  same ad 500 times is going to make me want to purchase it. It doesn't. It makes me hate it.

4. Todd Rundgren and Neil Sedaka aren't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but rappers are. Explain that to me?

5. The biggest risk you will ever take in your life is not taking a risk.
6. You have the right to remain silent. Some people should also view that as an obligation.
7. According to my wife, the hot blond with the baseball cap at the next table over had porn star boobs. I said I didn't notice that.
Yah, like I wouldn't have noticed that. Stevie Wonder would have noticed that.
8.  How come those who are life coaches seem to need the most life coaching?
9. If you forgot an item and you are at the checkout, then you checkout. And secondly, it is not a price check register, it is a cash register. Got it. Good. Thanks. Have a nice day. Idiots.
10. How do i say this in the nicest way possible? I can't fucking stand you!

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