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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No blog today

This is a blog about how I intended to write one blog a day for the whole month of March. I have clearly not maintained that.
I plotted out my days. I had my blogs organized. I knew what I wanted to do on the days I wanted to do them and set out a very reasonable schedule to achieve that.
I started out okay. I didn't quite do the ones I always wanted to, but I wrote others to cover those days and pretty much stayed on course.
Today, I had a blog that I have wanted to post for weeks, but it is long and not ready. I wont post it until I am happy with it. So, that being the case, I could have just picked another. But, I didn't. I just didn't feel like it.
I woke up late, and had issues with my computer last night,  so I was already behind the eight ball there.
The reality is,  when you write, you sometimes just don't feel like it. For no other reason than you just don't feel like it.
That is just how it is.
Trying to maintain a schedule is futile. It can guide you, but it can never be set in stone. You write when you write and when you don't, you just have to accept that was the best option based on the variables at hand that day.
That is hard for a born achiever like me to accept, but I have learned to accept it.

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