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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons

I have lost a lot of games this last week at Lexulous. I like to think I am a very good player. And..I am. I have beaten the best there is out there, people most players cannot beat even once. I am proud of that. I took the time to get better and improve to the point that I could do that.

One thing about Lexulous, and life in general, is that if you don't give your best effort you will get results that reflect that. Even when you do give your best effort, you are bound to have streaks where things don't go well. You make the odd mistake and the other players are good enough to make you pay. The luck of the tiles also does not go your way and there is nothing you can do about that.
 Because I write a lot througout the day, there are times when I need a break from that, but don't really have the energy or focus to play to the best of my ability. That has happened the last couple of weeks, and for a very competitive person like myself, that is tough to take. But, I have to accept that as part of my reality.

There will always be good streaks and bad streaks in life, You just have to ride them out. Last week, I lost. a lot. I played badly, my tiles were bad and I just flat out got beat. That happens. It will always happen. When you are winning and things can't seem to go anything but right but you know the bad streak is around the corner.

The lesson here is simple. You play hard and do the best you can, either way. If you are good you will win more than your share. No matter what, you will lose some and you can't let that bother you. If you do, you will lose more than you should. Accepting defeat is as important as savoring victory.

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