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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Zombie Car People

There used to be a time when you were shopping, or on errands to the bank or various other stops when you got out of your car and were concerned when you saw someone in the drivers seat, engine running, not moving,  slightly slumped over and appearing to be dead. You might even tap on the window to see if they were okay.
These days, they are the car zombies. They appear dead, have no discernible movement, but in actuality, they are reading texts off their blackberries or Iphones. They are.."the car zombies".
Of course, this is the natural progression of things. We are now also completely used to the "walking crazy people". You know the type. We used to think that people walking down the street, just seemingly talking to themselves were crazy people. We walked on the other side of the street, or we veered sharply as far to the edge of the sidewalk as we could safely do. We avoided eye contact with them and hoped they wouldn't engage us, talk to us, ask us for money or the worst.....ask us if "Uncle Larry was coming down from the city to eat dinner with us tonight, Mommy?".
These days, we are very used to the walking crazy people. They have blue things attached to their ears, like hearing aids, but they are not hearing aids. They talk expressively to someone who isn't there, sometimes shouting. Many times, they use their hands. They don't make any eye contact with us. They are in their own little world. We don't even exist. You are loathe to carry a hot steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate near them, as they may, in their fervor to carry out their "very important" conversation, knock over your beverage. And they will just carry on walking, and talking, and shouting and waving their arms, like you weren't even there. You are the bug on their windshield of conversation. You don't exist. They have ruined the crazy people walking experience. You can't tell the crazy people from the egocentric lawyers, bankers, stockbrokers and high on themselves housewives these days. Ugh!
Now, the zombie car people have ruined that too. What is next?

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  1. Man, don't get me started on people who talk/text when driving! That makes me insane! I totally agree with you on this one.


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