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Saturday, May 12, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

1."You can run really fast from the truth when you are awake, but the truth catches up easily when you are dreaming."
2. If you can't take a hint, a sledgehammer might have to do.
3. If you see the world with rose colored glasses the truck will look red when it runs you over.
4. They say that opposites attract. Maybe. But...moths are attracted to light and that usually doesn't end well either.
5. I think it is time they put the super back in "supermarket"
6. Letting politicians make the laws and handle the money is like letting the inmates run the asylum.
7. It occurs to me that if you work in a rocket science factory, you can't say to the incompetent employees "this isn't rocket science"
8. If you have a belly like should not be wearing jeans like Brittany.
9. I prefer the term "defeated" to "loser". Loser is know..loser-ish.
10. You make a deal with the devil and he will burn you when he is done with you.

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