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Friday, May 25, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

1. I blame plumbers for the whole teenagers with pants down showing their ass fiasco.

2. I think they should redact the ingredients, calories and nutritional value of cookies and chips so your wife can't see them and remind you how bad they are for you.

3. You only have two eyes. You can't look forward and backward at the same time. Look forward. The past is the past.
4. It always amazes me how grown adults don't understand basic math and economics. Our school system is a complete failure in that respect.
5. I know if I worked in a place these days I would be surfing the net to see who was the higher up light of the Undercover Boss show.
6. Yup. I got it now. You are an idiot. What in the world was I doing trying to over analyze that?
7. Dear stupid retailer. Having a twenty something over educated and unemployed person attack me at the turnstile at the front of the store with a credit card ap I don't want is not a good way to get repeat business from me.
8. I only wish I was as diligent at doing things as I am at making lists of things I need to do.
9. What if they started making pudding..proof free? I just can't fathom that.
10.When the GM or Owner of the pro sports team states that they have full confidence in you, you are likely to be fired asap.

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