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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: See the value in all things. It's there

In Lexulous, the good players learn that there are no real "good" letters or "bad" letters. Sure, for the most part getting the letter V or U is not good. Most of the time you just want to get rid of them. The V cannot make any two letter words and thus is not very useful in making scores. But there are times when they are very useful. The V can be used to make a play and block the other player from countering. It can also mean that you can't do much with it and get stuck with it, hence losing the game. It is all about when you have it and how you use it.
Similarly, the U is a tough letter to make combinations with, but there are combos out there if you learn them. It also is very useful with the Q, as almost all Q words that are worth anything involve using the U. We learned that in grade school.
In life, we learn the same thing. Everything has some value, some use. All information is useful when put in the proper context and situation. Did I benefit from learning Calculus in grade 12? No, not directly. But, it taught me to think and be creative in problem solving. That has helped me in just about every part of life since, including winning at Lexulous.
The same thing works with people, and friends.

That friend you think does nothing for you. They might be the one with the friend who has major contacts. The one who leads you to that place you want to be. Or not. You can't know either way for sure. What you can do is treat them well no matter what and let life just happen. You never know if you are going to get the Q when you hold the U, but you might. Then again, you might not. But, if you do, you will be glad that you have that U, and it becomes valuable and useful at that point. The U is not a good or bad letter, it is just another letter and what you do with it determines its value to you.

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