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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I remember about my father

 Things I remember about my father

-he always had change and keys jangling in his pocket. you could hear him coming from very far away.

-he always backed into a parking spot, and I always remember being in the backseat and watching him with his arm over the seat as he angled in.

-one was never enough. He had to have 20 of it candy, food, toys or anything.

-he always had money on him,  and very large bills.  He had that big fat wallet that George on Seinfeld had.

-whatever the latest gadget was, he had it. We were the first to have a tv, or remote control or VCR. whatever it was, we had it.

-he always had multiple pens in his shirt pocket. We joked that when we buried him we should have thrown them in the coffin, because he would have wanted them.

-in spite of all the problems he had,  if you told him you needed help, he would get there as fast as he could, no matter how far or what time it was. 

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  1. The things we remember about the ones we love

    The life they lived

    The slice of life they shared

    With us

    With the world

    Unforgettable fragments

    Of the most precious moments

    Locked in infinity


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