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Saturday, June 23, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

1. I think I have figured out how to have more time in my day. If I could just stop peeling bar code stickers off my veggies I could write War and Peace.

Me: I'm married,  I'm not dead. 
Her: Keep talking like that and you will be.

3. If you insist on making a fool of yourself, I have no intention of stopping you.

4. If you close your mind to possibility, nothing is really ever possible.
5. You know, they have Animal Control. What they really need are People Control for the ones who create the need for Animal Control. Once People Control is in place, Animal Control will have far less to do.
6. Politicians are becoming actors. Actors are becoming politicians. Neither of them are any good at either of those vocations. This is one messed up world. And all of them get rich either way.
7. Cucumber or banana? Discuss.
8. Sadness is temporary...reality is permanent.
9. You can bitch and moan about your bad can make your own good luck. Those are your choices.
10. I seem to forget what I had on my mind within a few minutes these days. I have come to accept that if I can't remember it, it probably wasn't worth remembering. And if it is worth remembering, I will remember it at some point.

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