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Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

1. If you bring nothing to the table..then its likely that no one is going to want to join you there.

 2. You call me an egomaniac. I just say that I am better than you.

3. Sheryl Crow said it best. "If it makes  you happy it can't be that bad."

4. Don't insult my intelligence by insulting my intelligence.
5. I must be really out of touch. So, someone explain to me why you would post something as a status and then like it right away? I don't get that and I never will.
6. A lot of people SHOULD NOT be allowed to breed.
7. If you tell every single woman you encounter that she is "hot" what you are basically saying that one is not any hotter than the other. You just sound like a hard up idiot when you do that.
8. According to Mark Wahlberg, he and Justin Bieber are going to be the next Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in their new movie. And...Jerry Mathers as... the Beaver.
 9. If you think you know it all, you actually know nothing.

10. I am equally adept at giving the benefit of the doubt as I am at giving the benefit of the back of my hand.


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