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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I don't get it.

Simple blog today.

I have just stumbled onto a group most probably already know. I somehow missed them the first time around.
I heard Pink Martini's version of Que Sera Sera on the pilot episode of Dead Like Me as I was led to watch that recently. It was hauntingly good.

I decided I wanted to hear more from them,  as I loved their cover of that Doris Day hit.
The first song I came across was Hey Eugene. The lead singer of the group describes how she came up with the song.

"Hey Eugene is a song I wrote when I met this guy at a party and he asked for my number and then he never called. And I was perplexed because we had such a great connection."

I got thinking about that. You meet a girl. You get along with her. You like her. You ask for her number. You don't have to ask for her number,  but you want it. You ask for it, and she gives it to you because she really likes you as well. Then you never call.
I just don't get why you would do that. If she is good enough to give you her number, you should call. If you weren't interested, then don't ask for her number and leave it there. The minute you ask and receive, you are obligated to call. If you don't then you deserve what you end up getting in life. 

The End.

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