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Monday, June 25, 2012

Is that what we would do?

So let's say we had an overpopulation problem. Actually, we do, but that is beside the point.
Now, we have too many people. What shall we do about that?
How about, we just take a percentage of those that are neglected, or old, or not as currently wanted or useful as the rest, and just kill them off. Is that what we would do?
Now, these people didn't do anything wrong persay. They are just products of irresponsible people, some of them stupid, some of them greedy, some of them selfish, most of them all of the above.

 "Seventy Five healthy children and senior citizens euthanized today"

Now, if this was to go on, the headlines would shock many and there would be a strong outcry to put a stop to it.
How can we just kill innocent children and old people, just because no one wants them or finds them useful anymore? That hardly seems fair, does it?
There would be the predictable outcry to put a stop to it. But how would we put a stop to it?
Well, we would make those responsible for creating this problem pay for it, in any way we think is fair. Of course, that is very idealistic, seeing as a lot of those people would not have the finances to pay, so forcing them to pay for something with something they don't have, even though they should is pointless.
Seeing as that is the case in reality, our next option would be to make society (the taxpayers) pay the bill. In reality, that would only work for a short time. As time passes, even though some taxpayers would be in favor of this, when the tax bill arrives and they are on the hook for 100 bucks more a year, they are going to find their local representative and ask them why their taxes went up.
When it is explained to them that they are paying the bill because their fellow citizens are irresponsible but we can't, as a society expect the innocent children and elderly to pay for that with their lives, they will ask how we put a stop to it.
The representative could possibly say to them, "Well, we could make it illegal to breed for profit, or to breed and create beings that you know you can't possibly take care of, or if you do and can't afford them due to circumstances, you still have to pay, but we will loan you the money which you will have to pay back at a later date. And in the meantime, you must look after what you created, because that is a choice you made."
Eventually, the majority will simply demand that the root of the problem be taken care of. Lawmakers will enact laws that breeding for profit while others get hurt and foot the bill is illegal and will not be acceptable. If you wish to breed and create life, you have to be reasonably certain that life can be sustained and looked after. Society will come to the conclusion that the value of a life, any life, is not to be totaled in dollars and profit margins, without any regard to the future welfare of the people, or animals, they are breeding.
And when that day comes, dogs and cats and rabbits and the rest of the innocent animals will not have to die in shelters so that puppy mill breeders and pet store chains can make a profit.

The end.

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