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Saturday, July 7, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

1. Ability without drive and motivation is like a fast car without gas. Its nice to look at but it goes nowhere.

2. If love stinks and sex rocks, do blow jobs suck? I think not.

3. When you take a really great nap, 1 hour seems like 10.
4. I love watching old Peter Gunn episodes, but, I have to wonder if he took a shower and slept in that suit also. He seems to never take off that one suit.
5. Writers NEVER stop writing. They just don't always write it down, but they are always writing.
6. Sitting at the bus stop today it occurred to me that if I hear one more teenage girl say OMG while on her cell phone I am going to go postal.
7. Do whatever you have to do what you love!
8. You either step up or you step back..if you just stand in the will get run over.

9. God works in mysterious ways. So does The Riddler.

10. Don't try to define things that don't need defining. That is the definition of futility.

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