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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: It's about desire

Being the helpful sort of guy that I am, I try to help those who seem to want and ask for it. That goes for pretty much everything in life, be it life and love advice, or anything else. If you ask I will do my best to help.
 When I play Lexulous I come across all sorts of players. Some just play for fun, others want to win and others play for a mixture of both. When I encounter some of those who want to be better players but don't know what to do, I am willing to give them tips and advice so they can achieve that if they want to.
In my attempt to help those who have asked for it I have encountered two types. Those that really want to be better and those that really don't. At the end of this blog, I will state why I think that is.

 Talent is a big component in anything you do. Without it, no matter how well intentioned you are, you can only go so far in your achievement goals. The Little Engine That Could is a great fairy tale, but I have learned that no matter how much I want it, I am never going to outrun the fastest man on earth, or even the fastest man in my neighborhood. I was born a slow runner and no matter what I do, nothing will change that. But...I can run as fast as I was born to run.

While talent matters, developing that talent is something that successful people do. It is great that you are smart, but if you don't learn how to use those smarts to your advantage, then you are just a smart person without developed skills. That is a good part of what makes the average person exceptional.
The final piece is motivation and drive. How much do you really want it? Yes, you have some natural talent and you have learned the ins and outs of the game or endeavour you pursue. But how much do you really want it? Does it really matter that much that you achieve your highest potential?

Being a former horse trainer, one thing you learn if you want to be successful is to spot desire and determination. Speed and size matter. Gait and soundness of limbs matter. Those are important. But what separates the winners from the losers is the desire to want to win and to do what it takes to achieve that. This assumes you are at a level where you can compete. Here is a video of a horse that was known to simply refuse to lose. He won his last 28 races against the best that the sport had to offer.

In the below video, he was clearly beat and came back on to beat the acknowledged best horse (next to Cam Fella) at the time.

You have to want to be good at something to be good.
I have taught lots of people. Some take what you teach them and make sure they employ that to win as many games as they can. Others simply don't. They don't have the desire to win or achieve. They make a half hearted effort, but when it comes right down to it they only try as hard as they feel like, and thus get the results you would expect from someone who does that.
Knowledge is power, but desire is success.

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