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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: Pick your spots

We are all busy people and although we use facebook and some of us play games on it to pass the time and as a form of entertainment, we can only do so much. It is still a diversion and not our life.
When you play as many games as I do at any one time you can only take so much time for each move. I want to win every game and like to think I take the care to do that. But, at times I have to make choices on the kind of time I put toward each opponent.
For the most part, I play very tough opponents and one bad move can pretty much mean a loss in that game. I have a few that even when I play a perfect game, they still beat me. They are that good. There is some luck of the tiles involved in that, but at best it is a 50/50 proposition with them.
However, there are some very good players that I can beat most of the time if I take the time to do that. Then, there are others who are good enough, but will not beat me unless I mess up somehow (which also does happen from time to time, I am not perfect).
In horse racing, you learn that even though you can win by 20 lengths, you don't need to. They pay you the same first prize winning money whether you win by 20 lengths or by half a length. Saving something for the next race and possibly stiffer competition is the wise move if you want to be successful overall. You don't hold back, but you don't always push for your maximum effort if you don't need that to be successful on that particular day.
What I have learned in Lexulous, and in life, is that you have to budget and manage your time.
You have to pick your spots and manage your time. You know there are some players who are not that good and you don't need to make a perfect move to beat them, while others you do. Once you have the game won, even though your natural tendency is to make the best move you can right to the end, you simply cannot do that and have the time to compete against others who demand your full attention.
The lex lesson here is that you have to pick your spots and know when to give your all, and when to give just enough to win and save a little more for the others.

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