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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Teacher Teacher

 "Teacher Teacher can you teach me, can you tell me all I need to know?"

 Tiffany Shepherd was a Florida school teacher who lost her job in 2008 because she posed for somewhat revealing and some might say racy pics on an internet site geared to fisherman. 
Were they racy? Maybe.  Did she use poor judgement? Probably. The reality is that her pics were just pics of herself in a bikini. The fact that she has very large boobs and she was in a bent over position to reveal a large portion of them is possibly poor judgement, but not racy in the sense that she was trying to be overly, overtly sexual in any way. She didn't perform sex acts in any of them (yet). But more about that later.
She actually took the pics and they hit the internet because she did not earn enough money teaching high school biology to make ends meet. She became a "bikini model" as a supplemental income so she could continue to teach school and survive.

Apparently, this is the picture that got her fired

 “I can make $600 in two days modelling. That’s a week’s pay for me.”

A tamer picture.  Would she get fired, just for this one? Probably not.

The school claimed she had poor attendance as a teacher and that is why she was fired. That is a nice theory,  however, they didn't fire her for that until she had those revealing pics show up. So if they were so concerned about her teaching and attendance, why didn't they do anything about it, if they cared so much about the kids education in the first place? Obviously, they didn't.

Would you care if your childs teacher looked like this and posted this picture on her facebook page? If her boobs were much smaller, how would that bear on your opinion?

She did lose her job as the school teacher, and because of that could not get another teaching position. Because of her circumstances and the physical assets she has, she turned to porn as a means to support herself.
Now, I am not claiming that Tiffany Shepherd is very bright at all.  She isn't. She made a porn video about a teacher having sex with her student and it was called "My first sex teacher" and then said she wasn't happy about it being portrayed as a video about teachers having sex with students.

Under the name Leah Lust, she's appeared in movies such as Please Bang My Wife and My First Sex Teacher. Shepherd is angry about the second film, saying,
 "I’m livid about that one. It wasn’t supposed to be about a teacher and a student. I didn’t even know the name of the film until I saw it online.”

Here is the very real and sad part of this whole thing.
Tiffany Shepherd, who is now the porn star known as Leah Lust, makes a far better living having sex on camera than she ever would have as a school teacher. There is something wrong with this world when she can do that. In the same light, Nadya Suleman,  The Octomom, has significantly increased her earning power by having 14 babies and then turning to porn to earn money.

We all know that sex sells, but in a world where you can make more money-and hence your monetary earning power and value is much greater-making porn than teaching children in school, is it any wonder that we have the choices we have for the elected officials we do? We don't value school teachers enough and they can make a better living fucking on camera for strangers than teaching children how to be responsible and informed adults who can end up being productive. 

I have no problem with anyone doing porn, watching porn, selling porn or anything to do with porn. But we do need schoolteachers and when we can't afford to pay them a decent wage and they must resort to getting a second income, we have to ask ourselves where our priorities are at. 
 What kind of message are we sending to our kids in a situation like this?


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