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Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Jack Astors

Dear Jack Astor's

You have always been a favorite restaurant of mine. The service was good, the atmosphere is good and the food was pretty good, and for a reasonable price.
Why did you have to go and change everything? If it is not broke, you don't need to fix it.
I can safely say, first and foremost, that I don't want to hear the kitchen staff prepare the food, and the noise, hustle and bustle and cooking smells that go along with it have not enhanced my experience. There is a reason that almost every other restaurant completely separates the kitchen from the eating area. Because it works very well that way. What in the fucking world were you thinking making this change? I have no clue.
Secondly, I would greatly appreciate if the person who took my order actually brought that order to my table when it was ready. I know that you are hardly the only restaurant that does this, but it is a horribly bad idea to deliver service this way. How could someone who didn't take my order know what I ordered, or if it was wrong, which it is a lot of the time? They can't.
That brings up another point. You have a order pad and pen, you are writing down my order, so, in the unlikely event that you are actually bringing me that order to my table, how about checking to see if that order is correct?
You should do this, because most times it isn't.
Since it isn't, maybe you need to hire a kitchen manager to get a handle on this situation. I am sure that this has been happening long before I was born, but it is happening these days much more frequently, and I attribute this to the fact that the kitchen staff are now more interested in interacting with the customers, the wait staff don't actually bring you your order and the ones that do barely write down your order so they can't remember what you asked for, and since they are serving too many tables at a time as it is, have no hope of giving you decent service.
Finally, your new menu, while flashy and very MTV ish is eye catching, it is not functional. I, and almost everyone else can't figure out where to find many items on the menu, which is the main purpose of the menu.

I could go on all day, but basically, if it is not broken, why do you try to fix it? You had a good thing going, and every time you make a change, it is for the worse and you are just fucking up the experience. I might as well just eat at home or go get take out. Why should I pay an extra 40 percent for a lousy experience? The answer is I shouldn't and I won't keep doing that for very much longer.
Serve me...or lose me.

P.S. Just because the server can write their name upside down with a crayon, and are a hot guy or a young hot chick with perky boobs and a killer butt, that is not going to make me forget the rest of the bullshit.
I bet when the waitress was named Madge or Agnes or the waiter was Morty or Izzie we didn't have these problems. Since they are all named Brandon or Courtney or Brittany these days, it seems it is a problem.

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