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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Interesting Videos I Watched This Week.

In this 3 part documentary,  Frontline, the PBS equivalent to 60 Minutes, delves into who actually Lee Harvey Oswald was. Where he came from and why he was a likely patsy,  at the very least. While there is a lot of speculation, I assure you that you will learn a lot of things about the JFK killing that you didn't know before. I posted part 1, but you can follow to part 2 and 3 as well.

There are 6 or 7 parts to this documentary, which showcases a very specific time in American and New York history, the very turbulent times of 1977 in New York City and the vast culture around it..and how they interacted to produce many interesting trends. This was also the basis for the book and ESPN series The Bronx Is Burning.

In this BBC documentary, the group Blondie is profiled and it shows the rise and rapid fall of the group for various reasons,  and the reforming under very difficult times and hard feelings. Much of what is in here is stuff you have never known or seen before.

In another Frontline hour length documentary, the specifics of why the Stock Market and American economy melted down in 2008 and how this scenario is likely to happen again. It is a complete insiders view of what actually goes on in the world of high finance and government.

Finally, in this short film, you see the genesis of Revolution, how it started out and what it became once completed. John Lennon has stated that he always liked the original version and tempo better, but that the group wanted the more commercial and poppy electrified version. I like the electrified version better myself, and you can hear in this version how it was almost a country song.

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