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Friday, August 17, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: Losing sight of what really matters

Playing Lexulous can expose you up close to some of your biggest weaknesses. Mine has always been the temptation to be fixated on one thing and zone everything else out, to the detriment of my overall well being.
Case in point.
I have learned over time that getting a bingo can be a very successful way of playing Lexulous and scoring enough points to beat the better players. However, somewhere along the way, I started playing to get bingos more than I played to simply play and win the game. I would save letters in the hope of making a bingo, go maybe 3 or 4 turns not scoring much, and in the end, make my bingo and incur a net loss in points. In short, I was addicted to the thought that making bingos wins games.
It doesn't.
Making bingos when they are there wins games. When they are not there, then you should just play your best move and score in other ways. Holding letters so that you can make a bingo means you don't score as well when you are not making bingos, and over a long game, you lose a lot more trying to make the bingos than you would if you just played your best move every time. In short, you become addicted to the bingo and you make poor decisions in the pursuit of it. Sounds very much like being addicted to drugs, and it sounds like that because it is exactly like that. Once it grabs you it can destroy you.
So now, I have come to the conclusion that playing for the bingo is a losing strategy. If the bingo is there, then you play it. You should look long and hard and see if you have one. Many times you do and you don't even realize it. Not playing the bingo when it is there is just throwing away points and you will lose if you do that as well. But if you don't have one, then you don't and you should not save letters to make the bingo on the following turn. It is a losing strategy. Take what you have, make the next play and then try and get the bingo on the next turn. Just like any drug or affliction, when you get addicted to it, you lose sight of what really matters. In Lexulous, winning the game matters, not making bingos. In life, seeing all there is to see hopefully assures you of maximizing your potential. If you only stick to one life strategy and become addicted to it, you are never likely to achieve your maximum potential.

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