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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: When life throws you a curve, hit it anyway

You have played your best game. Made every move that you wanted to. You have gathered up a decent lead. Then, out of the blue, your opponent makes a great move and the next move you make sticks you with a bunch of crappy letters. The game is near the end, and you have been thrown a curve ball. What to do? Happened to me this week and it has happened before.
Some just give up and figure that luck has gone against them. True, it has. But that is only one possible reaction. The other reaction is to adjust and make the best of it. When you are expecting a fastball and life throws you a curve ball, you adjust and hit the curve ball. Brooding about expecting a fastball and getting a curve ball will do you no good. Regroup. Look for new opportunities, strategies, chances. Make the best of what you have got. You might win. You might lose. But at least give it your best shot. You will certainly win more than your share if you still give it your best shot. Sure, you will still lose some of those, but in those cases, you tip your hat to your opponent and realize that they are good as well and you can't expect to win them all.
But what you can be sure of, in the Lexulous Life lesson, is that if you don't regroup and do your best, you are almost certain to lose every time.

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