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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Walmart experience.

The Walmart experience.
I have to say, I am curious, but I have never had it. Yes, we have Walmart in Canada. I don't shop there on principle. But even when I did, before I wised up to the evil empire that is Walmart,  and its total destruction of the world order for its own selfish benefits (yes, that was a shot!), I never saw the type of things that Americans describe about the Walmart Experience. In Canada, we just never see that sort of thing.

The white trash, the crazy outfits, the parking lot tomfoolery..etc.
I am really curious. So, the next time I am in the States,  I am going to Walmart.  More than one, and I have to see this for myself. As a writer and a studier of human behavior, I feel I am missing out. And I can't miss out. We can't have that.
So, it's a date with destiny. My date with the experience of life that is a Walmart shopping excursion.
You just know there is months full of humor after I achieve this.

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  1. To be fair, most of the people at Walmart are normal-looking and appropriately-attired. But yes, I have seen some rather shocking things there.


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