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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I wont Look

White Honda
With a "baby on board" sticker on the back
I have trailed you for minutes
You refuse to move
Defiant, yes you were
the lane was there
you would not take it
you insisted on staying left
when you knew I was right
now my mind is racing
as my engine revs loudly
I am forced to pass
just a tug to the right and a push on the gas
as I pass you now
I am tempted
but as I pass you now
I am pre empted
No, I have wasted enough time on you
So, I wont look
I don't want to know
what stupid looks like
I wont look
I wont look
I wont give you the satisfaction of mattering to me
I wont look
I will never know what stupid looks like
Not this time
I wont look

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