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Friday, September 14, 2012

In other news...The sun also rose today. Weatherman predicts it will set as well.

 Due to the impending NHL strike/lockout work stoppage, some very intelligent players have been chiming in with some pearls of wisdom.

"With an NHL lockout looming, Joffrey Lupul had some advice for the owners and players working on a new collective bargaining agreement.
Don’t forget the fans.
“It’s important that we realize this affects a lot of people beside us,” the Toronto Maple Leafs winger said Thursday. “I’m a hockey fan myself and it sucks. There will be a point when fans start getting fed up. It’s frustrating so I can only imagine what someone else thinks, who doesn’t play in the NHL.”

In other news, the sun rose and the weatherman is predicting that it will set as well.

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