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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: Find out why you are losing and stop doing that.

 There aren't many people who like losing. Some take it more seriously than others, but if we had our choice most of us would rather win. That is human nature and a big part of the reason why we are the surviving ancestors of those who have made it this far.
I play to win. I admit that. I don't take it so seriously that it bothers me to no end when I lose, but I do try to make the best effort I can to win, and at times I am very focused when I am playing any game.
Last week my softball team was in a do-or-die playoff game. A guy on my team noted how I had really stepped up the week before with some clutch hits and timely defense to help the team win the game (the only game we won all year while I was on the team). He asked me if I brought my "game face" this week. I jokingly stated that when I show up and step between those lines,  my game face is always on. I wasn't just joking. I like to have fun playing, and I joke around a lot when I do, but I am very focused on playing and playing to win.
I like to think that if I succeed, if I win, it isn't luck. I get results because I make the effort and I learn what it takes to achieve within the abilities I have. Lexulous is no different.
Very rarely is it luck. Luck evens out over time and you wont lose very often because you are unlucky. You are losing because you are making mistakes and you aren't taking steps to correct that. It is as simple as that. One bad break to do with luck might decide the game at one point, but more than likely you played poorly enough to be in that position in the first place.
Winners figure out what they are doing wrong and they stop doing it. They get better because they are observant, and they learn, and they improve. And they give their best effort. That is why they win and losers lose.
Today's lexulous lesson: Stop whining about how things are going against you. Find out why you are losing (at games and in life) and then stop doing that.

"I'm winning. And I don't intend on losing again." 


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