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Monday, September 17, 2012

LIttle Pink Houses: Not For You..Or Me.

From the above link.

The backyard playhouse of a 4-year-old girl in Georgia has drawn a lawsuit for being too pink.
 A woman in Augusta, Ga., is being sued by the homeowners association of her Mill Haven neighborhood over the color of a pink playhouse that she built in the backyard for her granddaughter this past Christmas. Becky Rogers-Peck believes the lawsuit, which is the culmination of months of arguments over the structure, is the height of frivolity. The homeowners association has stated that it has no problem with the playhouse itself, but wants the color of it changed after complaints by neighbors. The association claims that Rogers-Peck had to have the color approved by the association’s board before she could paint it pink. 

In an update to this story, the  homeowners association gave further clarification.

Susan Bradley, HOA president, told NBC’s Augusta affiliate, WMBF. "We didn't disapprove of the play house. We disapproved of the color of it."

 I don't think you realize the significance of the color pink here.
Pink Houses, isn't that some sort of rock and roll thing? John Cougar? He is one of those pot smoking musician types. Heck, he is so messed up that he can't even remember his own name. Is he Cougar? Is he Mellancamp? Is he Jack? He might even be Diane. We don't want that gender confusion thing here. We already have enough problems with women playing golf at Augusta.

I mean look, Pink, that is a communist color, isn't it? Archie Bunker always said so. We don't want communists here. Look, the last thing we want are dictators in this town who tell us what to say and what we can do. Who wants that?

And, if she is thinking of painting it purple instead, that is not going to fly either.  We don't want any of that Purple Haze stuff going on. Same shit, different pile. Now, if you don't mind, I have things to do. I have an appointment to go kiss the sky. As for Ms. Rogers Peck, just let her know I will be watching Along The Watchtower."

Roger-Peck is still very upset about the whole thing.

“I said, ‘It’s a little 4-year-old girl’s playhouse, what other color would I make it?’’’ Rogers-Peck said.

Her granddaughter, Little Aubree, is aware of all the furor surrounding her backyard playhouse. 

“She knows exactly what's going on, and she is very upset about it,’’ Rogers-Peck said. “She is scared they might make us tear it down.’’ 

When reached for comment, Mick Jagger advised them to just....

 That is what good rockers do to keep the peace.


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