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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The "Purge"

Writers are an interesting lot. That's for sure. Most of us spend many many hours, writing something that no one will ever see. We fine tune it, we debate what to do with it, we hone it, we share it and we brood over it, and mentioned it never goes anywhere or sees the light of day.
Some of us lie in bed at night and think about the characters and scenes and plots until we go crazy.
Why do we do that?
I think, we have to purge it out of our body, no matter what the outcome. I know that I do. There really is no rest, or peace until you do.
Some talk of writers block. I have never experienced that. For me, I am on the opposite end of the scale. I seem to have a neverending flow of ideas and things to write. No sooner have I got a great idea and I begin to work on it that I get another one and it diverts me. The only way I have found to deal with this is to purge it from my body and mind, put it in a file and then go back to it later. If I don't then it lingers and eats away at me..and my mind.
It simply must get out of my system. This blog goes a long way towards that, but it is only a slice of the solution.

As writers, we must purge. It comes with the territory. Those that don't write simply will not understand that.

Below this blog is a short story, more of a poem, that I wrote to go along with this.
They come in my dreams. 
They come in my days. 
They come all the time.
They won't go away
I try to keep up but I can't.
I try to purge them, but they linger on the page.

They linger in my mind
They preoccupy my thoughts
They won't go away
Until I purge them
Even then, they stay.


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