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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dalton McGuinty regrets and a few of mine

Dalton McGuinty regrets how he handled the teachers and their unions in the recent past. Good for fucking him. Here you go Dalton.  I have a few regrets myself, and in the case of your lying, lame ass,  their is a lot more than one.

First and foremost, I regret the murder is illegal and punishable by a long jail sentence.  I regret this, because you deserve to be killed for what you have done and I would love to be the man to do it. But you aren't worth me wasting the rest of my life in jail. So, regretfully, I wont be doing that.

Secondly, I regret that Andrea Howarth and her ignorant and spineless cohorts didn't have the brains and guts to defeat you and send your lame ass packing a lot earlier,  before you did even more damage than you have ended up doing. In this vein,  I regret that hard working horsemen will lose their livelihood,  thousands of horses will lose their lives and the province will lose at least 1 billion dollars a year in revenue so you and your crooked friends can continue to rape the system even after you are out of office.

Thirdly, I really regret that when a politician blatantly lies during a campaign and says that no matter what, he will not raise taxes,  then goes back on that promise 3 days after he gets in, that the system just doesn't nullify that election and say it wasn't valid because the candidate flat out lied. In court, if you did that, you would do jail time for it.

Fourth, and most important, I regret that there is enough oxygen on this earth that you still get to breath even though all you do is blow hot air at us.



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