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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If the Yankees were to sell A Rod on Craigslist

                             For Sale

Pure Bred Shortstop turned third baseman turned bench warmer turned dead weight.

Was 250 million brand new. Asking 10 dollars now and a good home to play out his remaining years.
Has a tendency to get whiny, arrogant, injured, fake injured and is generally indifferent to the plight of your team.
If you have hot bitches in your city, will likely be motivated for 6 months to show you something that will cause you to overpay him.

We overpaid for him . our loss can be your gain.

Take a chance on him. 10 bucks, what have you got to lose?

He can be the perfect fit for you if:

-You have no playoff aspirations and are not looking for a money player but want a superstar who excels in the months of April or May.  
-have access to illegal performing enhancement drugs that cannot currently be detected.

Please note: If you have a young, blonde very attractive daughter who is prone to falling for Latin men who are known filanderers, then he is not suitable for you.  

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