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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Interesting Videos


Chicago is a great American city with a very long history. Even though it has some world class sights, it was always a working class town, until the jobs started to leave. Before that there was a large migration of Southern workers to the city in the years after World War 2. Now that those jobs have left the country, the remaining people are subject to extreme poverty. This is a documentary of the remains, the drugs, the projects and poverty that has resulted in two cities. Poverty in Chicago, this documentary, explores that.

The Joy of Disco, is a complete history of the formation, rise, fall and cultural significance of disco, from start to finish. The most comprehensive look at that phenomenon you will find anywhere.

Elvis In Vegas. In this documentary, it shows how Elvis changed and re vitalized Vegas and it changed and revitalized him...and ultimately, destroyed him.

In this documentary of the rise of Southern Rock, we see how it developed and how the tragedy of accidental death played a great part in trying to derail them..but did not.

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