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Monday, October 15, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: Find your weakness, make it a strength

 We all have weaknesses just as we all have strengths. I have found the key to being better, or being the best you can be, is minimizing your weaknesses and in some way turning them into strengths.
I hate the letter V in Lexulous. There is not much you can do with it. Or, is there? 
I used to think there wasn't. A lot of Lexulous boils down to making high value scores with two letter words. In the case of the V, that simply won't happen. There isn't any words that have a V that are two letters only, either beginning or ending. So, for the most part, V is a letter that hurts you more than helps you for as long as you keep it or hold it. That is one way to look at it, but of course there are other schools of thought.
There are many words that have a V in them, and because they don't come to mind right away for me (and others) I claim the V is a "difficult" letter to use. But, it isn't. I can learn the other words and get more value from the V. For starters, that is something I can do. I haven't to date, but it is something I need to do if I want to get to that next level and beat the best players out there. When you want to beat the best, you need every edge you can find. I know they will do it, because they are the best and want to be. They have likely taken every weakness and made them into strengths.
Now, the V does have one great value and I have learned over time by observing others who use it. Because it is impossible to make 2 letter words with it (as mentioned earlier) if you place it in the right spot, you can effectively make a decent score and block your opponent from doing anything to counter that move. In that way, it has great value. If you can make a decent score and your opponent can do nothing to counter it, then in effect you have made a great score. Again, the value is there, you just have to open your mind to look for it and learn how to use it.
The lesson for today: In life, there are always obstacles. You have two choices.  First, you can submit, relent, give up and accept that you can do no better. Or, secondly you can find your weakness, make it a strength. Take what appears to be nothing and make it into something you can use. That is what winners do and losers don't.

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