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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Power of the Red One

The power of the red one. We have all, at some point, been slave to it. I know I have. Am.
You are doing something, maybe writing, maybe surfing, maybe watching a video. Could be you are chatting online with someone, or on the phone. But, you get that notification. Someone has sent you a message..or commented on your status, or liked something you did. Could be anything. But as long as that sits there, it is like a draw. You are wondering what that is. What does it mean? What is it about?

You have to click on it. To see what is going on.

Why must we see it? What is that enticing, hard to resist draw that it has?
For me, I think it is all about interaction and knowing that someone is interested in something you are doing. In some ways it is validation. Not always, but a big part of the time.
We all like to think that something we did touched someone,  or got their interest. Facebook is like a big dinner party. When that big Red One pops up, it is very much like someone at the dinner party coming over to the couch you are sitting on and striking up a conversation with you. You are now in play. What you have to say, what you are about now matters. To someone. Somewhere. 
There is no worse feeling than going to a party and seeing other people having fun while you sit all alone and don't interact with anyone.
The Red One puts you in play. You are no longer alone. Facebook is a social media site. The Red One means you are now social..again.

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