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Saturday, November 17, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

1. The only person you fool when you are fooling yourself is yourself.
2. Planet Crazy just called. They want you back at the home office. ASAP.
3. Was in a relationship with his left hand but is now single. And it was not complicated.
4. When subtle hints wont work, a sledgehammer is an acceptable substitute.
5. I have come to the conclusion that fresh air is good and pollution is bad. Yes I know, I'm brilliant. I should really run for president or something.
6. Saving the best for last is a very risky strategy.
7. Life is so much better now that facebook has emoticons. How did we ever live without that?
8. When you think outside the box, the people who are still in the box are never going to understand or accept that until that thinking becomes mainstream and part of the box.
9. I have come to have much lower expectations of people and yet still I am underwhelmed by them.
10. How come everyone always says they will "give my left nut" for something they really want? Isn't their right nut worthy of barter? And women never say I would give my left nipple? Kind of shows you what has real value and what doesn't.

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