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Monday, November 5, 2012

Put the blame where it belongs

 Many of you are not going to like the theory and tone of this blog. Too fucking bad. That is just how it goes.
I read an article today about how Mitt Romney profited from the Auto Bailout. 

If he broke the law he should face ethics violations. That is not the point though of why I bring this up.
Don't blame those who take advantage of the system. Blame those who are hired to make sure that doesn't happen and let them. 
It is very much like raising a child. Children will get away with as much as they can. That is what they do. Parents are supposed to be the gatekeepers, those who reign them in and don't let them. 
Some would argue that Romney shouldn't be president because he would profit from a government program designed to save jobs of those much less fortunate than him. To that I say: 
So fucking what? He is a businessman who runs (ran) a large mutual/hedge fund. It was his job, no, his duty, to make profit for the shareholders. If that meant shipping jobs to China, or making a profit off an auto bailout, then he is obligated to do so. If you fault him with that, then you would fault him with making tough decisions if he becomes president and has to act on your behalf to do so. Would you do that? I wouldn't.
And if his family personally profited from the Auto Bailout as well, as is claimed in the articles, then that is fine too. I don't think it is right that he can, but that is not something that has much to do with him.
I can find lots of faults with Mitt Romney. For starters, he is a pathological liar. When he is not flat out lying, he is flip flopping. On top of all that, he is likely to look after his rich friends at the expense of everyone else. He also has a financial plan that doesn't add up, just as it didn't when he left Massachusetts as the Governor with an apparent balanced budget that we now know was now deep in debt. Many of his stances on abortion, women's rights and health care are offensive to say the least. Those are plenty enough reasons to vote against him. 
Making a profit on the Auto Bailout is not one of them. That is on the Senators, Congressmen and Women who made the bailout and allowed wealthy men and women, hedge funds and offshore investors to rape the American public in the time of most dire need. Ultimately, that is on the President of the day, who could veto the whole thing if he so desired.
Blame Mitt Romney for all the bad things he may or may not be. Looking after the interests that he is paid to look after is not one of them.
 One of most revered Presidents,  John F. Kennedy,  came from a family that made most of their fortune bootlegging alcohol and then all sorts of other illegal activity. If not for that, he likely would never have had the funding to run for office. In today's world, he would have to answer for that and likely would not bother running for office. In addition, he was a known adulterer, among his many faults.  However, most consider him one of the greatest presidents America has ever had.
These days, Bill Clinton is thought of as the last great president that the United States has had. Bill Clinton, another man who cheated repeatedly on his wife, got a blow job from a woman right in the oval office, lied about it and was responsible for the two events that caused the greatest harm in the 2000's, after he was out of office. He was the one that allowed bankers to lend recklessly. He was also the one that allowed China to steal the jobs away. Not to mention the Whitewater scandal, Filegate, Travelgate and any of the other things that leave the character of Bill Clinton in question.
Nevertheless, both presidents did a lot of great things, because for the most part they were very competent and qualified to hold that office. That is all that matters. Can you do the fucking job?
 That is how these men got to the point where they could be president. You aren't going to get Gandi or Mother Theresa running for president, so stop trying to find them. Powerful, egotistical, and those who learn how to use the system to benefit themselves, because they are smart,  that is who we want at the top.
 George Bush,  Richard Nixon. They are the one who came in at the right time and showed their true colors. Nothing really much to debate about those types. One was  incompetent, the other was a common criminal.
 Here is my point, in a nutshell:
When it comes time to vote for those Senators and Congress people who voted for the bailout, hold them accountable for not doing their jobs and preventing big mutual and hedge funds from raping the system. That is what they are paid and elected to do, represent our interests, and they failed miserably at that.
Put the blame where it belongs.

"Some people claim that there is a woman to blame. But I know, I know it's my own damn fault"


Otherwise, elect the president you feel is best qualified to do the job, to look after the interests of the country. If we want to go character assassinating, then there is no man or woman we couldn't take down before they got started. 
You have a job opening, you find the best qualified and willing candidate to do that job and you access their performance to see if they meet expectations.
Mitt Romney, in my opinion, doesn't meet the expectations,  but not because he made money off the system. That was his job and he did it well. The government that was in charge let that happen didn't do their jobs well. Blame them for that. 

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