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Monday, November 12, 2012

Put your money where your opinion is.

One of the popular posts today on Facebook is one about Papa Johns Pizza owner John Schnatter. I have posted a captioned pic that someone else created above.
Now, is it wrong that he lives the high life while his employees struggle to make ends meet? Not from where I am sitting it doesn't. 
 He built his business, they didn't. 
That isn't what this blog is about though. Some would say he is a major hypocrite for living the way he does and then saying he will have to alter his business structure to maintain his profit margin because of additional, theoretical health costs under Obamacare.
 Is he? Maybe. But he is entitled to do so. Just as you are entitled to form your own opinion.
But opinions mean nothing unless actions are taken on behalf of them. Anyone can spout. Anyone. 
If it bugs you that a rich guy is complaining that he can't maintain his insanely extravagant lifestyle, something he is entitled to do, then you can put your money where your mouth is and not patronize his place of business. When it comes right down to it, if enough people truly care about the issue,  then they will vote with the ultimate power they have: Economic.
 Yesterday I was in a spirited debate about Walmart. I pointed out that I make my statement by never shopping at Walmart, no matter what.
 That is the statement I make. When I buy a mutual fund, I will not touch any fund that includes them in the mix. 
If you believe in something, you put your money where your opinion is. If you don't...then shut up. Nobody cares.
If Papa Johns stays in business (which it will) and continues to make the same level of profit (which it likely will) without changing the way it does business (which it might) then the reality is that most of the people don't agree with you,  because they are supporting it.
Simple as that.  



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