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Friday, November 9, 2012

Seven Facebook Lessons from the election

1. You are not likely to agree with at least half your friends and there is no gain by debating them on the issues.

2. Most people are ill informed when it comes to the issues.

3. It is very hard to find many who want to see both sides and see both the good and bad in both candidates.

4. Politics is not fun, unless you are making fun of them.

5. If that is all you post,  you begin to sound like a broken record and/or a zealot, and almost everyone who normally interacts with you will tune you out. That goes against your likely goal.

6. Politics can break friendships. It is supposed to be a fun place. Keep that in mind when you use your personal page for that.

7. If you intend to debate when you post, better pack a lunch. It is tiring and exhausting and all sorts of people will endlessly reply to anything you say.


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