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Friday, November 23, 2012

Take That, Thursday

Never give up. If I would say just one thing that I have learned in life, it is that. You will have setbacks and challenges, but if you simply refuse to give up and keep at it, as long as you aren't on completely the wrong track, then you will likely succeed.
As I was grinding away at Thursday, trying to keep my week going, I noticed a fairly large spider web just above my head in the basement where I do all the work. More about that later.
Monday was very good,  Tuesday was okay, not as good as Monday but I staved off the regression of lazy, Wednesday beat me and I didn't get much done. Thursday arrived, and it would have been easy to give it up. I had already started that trend with my downhill slide from Monday to Wednesday.
But I did not. I just got back at it and grinded away at my blogs, scripts, stories, etc. The end result was a very productive day. Was it as good as I hoped it would be? No, but it never is. 
You set the bar very high, you give it as much as you can, but you are still likely to come up short. That is okay. It is good to set the bar high and give it all you got. But you can't be disappointed when you don't hit the peak. And the next day, you just have to do it all over again, either way. Now, back to the spiders.

In my basement, like all basements, there are lots of spider webs. I spend a lot of time in my basement. It is my work station, my play station and my entertainment station.
I admire spiders. They are so determined and so resilient. As I write this, I am just about to demolish a large spider web. One that is interwoven over my whole basement. Probably took a spider, or many spiders, days, or even a couple of weeks to create. I am going to wipe it out in seconds.
And...they will immediately go right back and start creating another one. That is what spiders do. They don't have time for sorrow, or regrets, or contemplation. They build spider webs.
Humans get so caught up in creation, achievement, satisfaction and then all the things and thoughts that flow from that when it falls apart, as most things do eventually.
Why do we do that? Are we really the higher thinking species? The top of the food chain? Sometimes I wonder about that. If and when we blow up this planet, the spiders, ants, rats and many other lowing thinking species on the food chain will still be around to carry on. Are we really the higher rung on the food chain, or just temporarily at the top while those other ones, like the spiders, wait for us to peter out?
There is a lot to be said for just being determined and carrying on. Doing what nature intended you to do, and when encountering obstacles, just rebuilding and moving forward through life until life gets taken away.
Again, I admire spiders for that. I will still crush spiders. Because I hate spiders. They are a nuisance. But I admire them, nonetheless. 

So, Take that, Thursday. I would like to think my effort is now Back For Good. Let's see what next Monday through Friday has to say about that.


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