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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Nights "Bounty"

When I go out, there are two parts to the evening. 
The event. The fun, the entertainment, the food, the trip.  Anything and everything that can and will happen. Going out with friends,  or meeting friends, or making new friends.  That is also part of it. A huge part of it.
Then, there is the other part. The ideas. The stories, The songs. The characters. The phrases.

The Bounty.

Every night out to me is a bounty. When I get home,  the first thing I do is change my clothes into something very comfortable.  The next thing I do, is convert the nights bounty of ideas and stories and whatnot into whatever I can find useful to do with it. Until I do that, my night is neither complete or finished.
I certainly would not be able to go to sleep if I didn't do that. 
My inspiration comes largely from interaction with others. Now, I don't have to directly interact with them. I can sponge off whatever  they are doing and get my flow and bounty off of that. Or, in many cases, it can be direct. It doesn't matter, nor do I care how it happens. I also have absolutely no control over it.  It comes to me, whether I want it to or not,  and whenever it feels like it, even if I am not terribly interested or receptive to it. I was born very creative and I will die that way.
I am a creative junkie. That is my fix. For some, that is sex,  gambling, alcohol, drugs,  food. For me, it is creation. Whatever I do, it all boils down to creation. And then, the payoff for me, is the consumption I take from my own creation.
In my world, I am never alone. The voice that always speaks to me is always there and just rests over my shoulder,  guiding me,  speaking to me,  pushing me to create something. Anything. 
I cannot rest, be alone again,  until I unload are those things the voice told me to create. I have to harvest the bounty. Only then can I rest easy. And even then, it is a crapshoot.

The Bounty.

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