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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Well played, Wednesday. Well Played

Yes, Wednesday, you beat me. That is nothing new. You always do.
But at least this time I put up a bit of a fight. I didn't lie down and take it, submit, like I always do.
I guess I sort of expected the other shoe to drop, and it did. Monday was great, Tuesday was pretty good, although there was some drop off. Wednesday reverted to the mean, on some level. But even so, I think I did give a lot better effort than I normally do by that stage of the week. Still, not nearly enough to satisfy my desire to become what I once was: a consistent worker who brings the effort all the time. I was known for that and it has faded away like the road in the rear view mirror.
So, today is Thursday. I am dog tired from hockey last night. Yes, I have lost weight. Yes, I am much slimmer. No, I am not in any better shape. My stamina is not there. Most of my weight loss has been due to better and smarter eating habits. When I play hockey,  I notice it. My stamina is not there. Not at all. I can feel it. That first shift is torture. I tell myself going in that I am going to bring it, each and every shift. Play hard. Play really fricken hard. Then, we get going, and I have nothing. I get better as the night progresses, but nevertheless, I simply don't have the stamina to play hard consistently like I want to. Used to. My intentions are good. I have the best intentions. But, unless I get consistent exercise on a daily basis, I can't turn the switch and just play the way I want to. Wont happen.
It is now 11:30. I just got up. Barely. I was wiped out from hockey last night. And it wasn't a tough game. I am wiped out because I am out of shape and it shows. 
So, Thursday has not started well. Just have to overcome. Just like the stamina for sports, I have to find my writing stamina. My work effort stamina. It is clearly not there, no matter how well intentioned. 
Well played, Wednesday. Well Played. You are the one that is in shape, that has the stamina. I am not. I will be, and then I will become the formidable foe I once was for you,  but right now, you are the master and I am the slave. 
Game On! Thursday.

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