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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wtf are you celebrating for?

When I was growing up things were much simpler. Sports, was much simpler and the players were more like the common man. Boy, how times have changed.
I was just out for dinner and the TV screens at the bar had various different football games on. I noticed the Argonauts were beating the Eskimos and were on their way to the Grey Cup. That is great for them. They have sucked big time for the last few years and it is great for the city that doesn't really care anymore that the team is doing well.

However,  the goal of any team is to win the championship. It isn't to win a playoff game. It isn't to score a goal in hockey. It isn't to hit a home run in baseball. It isn't to have one nice run in football, or to sack the quarterback, or make an interception. Those are great plays, but they aren't what the game is about. As I watched the end of the game, you would have thought they had won it all. Sorry, you haven't won anything. You don't celebrate until the last game is over and you have beat everyone.

In the old days, when you scored a goal, you tapped helmets with you teammates, you skated back to center and you took the next face off. When you scored a touchdown, you tossed the ball to the referee and possibly you spiked it. You didn't celebrate like a high school girl who just got asked out on her first date.

I still don't get what all the celebrating is for. When you win the championship, that is when you celebrate. Not before.  
In the old days, if you showed up the pitcher by gloating after you hit a homerun off him,  you better be prepared to duck the next time up. It simply wasn't tolerated.  It was bad sportsmanship.  It still is. 

You never show up the other team. And if you do, there should be consequences. In the old days, players knew that. These days, they either don't know, or they don't care.
Just another reason these days why it is hard to like the athletes,  watch sports and root for overpaid, egotistical and spoiled players.



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