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Friday, December 14, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

1. Be prepared to have the light shined right in your eyes if you are not willing to open them yourself.

2. Sometimes don't ya just feel like the should call it Assbook instead of Facebook?

Yeah, I knew ya did.

3. Nature is the boss. Mother nature has always been the boss. When you stop remembering that, she comes back to remind you of it. just like when your mom always rushed into the room before and read you the riot act.

4. You are so ignorant, I could just smother you with my pillow. But I like my pillow. Ergo, you get to live.

5. It is easy for anyone to just start stuff. Finishing is the hard part.

6. Bullies are cowards looking to boost their own self esteem at the expense of others.  Take them head on and make them  go try and bully someone else.

7. Just because you come across a few bad apples, doesn't mean they are all bad. Don't give up on love. Only you lose in that scenario

8. I set many trends..but shoveling snow in a t shirt and shorts wont be one of them..i like my trends set at 75 degrees and sunny

9. When I'm not lying to myself. I try to speak the truth.

10. I seriously hope you are smoking crack, because otherwise I don't see how you can justify that comment.







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