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Saturday, December 29, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

1. Nobody can ever really walk a mile in your shoes properly. Because they will never be exactly your size. Only you can always be that.

 2. Shouldn't the idea be to get people to like your Facebook page because they actually like it, not just to build up numbers?

 3. Everybody has answers. Nobody seems to have solutions.

 4.You don't keep the fire burning by taking away the oxygen. That is how you put it out.

 5. It is not that important that you get answers in life. But it is always important to keep asking the questions.

 6. Thinks if we are able to figure out how to live on the moon we should seriously put up a much better gate this time around...hopefully we have learned something in 5000 years.

 7. Sometimes it's a lot of haystack to get to the needles.

 8. In life..when you separate the wheat from the chaff..there are people who need compassion and a helping hand..and then there are people who need tough love and harsh experience is about learning the difference.

 9. First person who can shut Ann Coulter up for good...I'm your personal slave for life.

 10. Six pack abs..or a two litre bottle of cream soda..Yah I think you know which one I'm gonna pick.

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