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Friday, December 28, 2012

Copy the winners, not the losers

I am working on a blog of Sandy Hook Observations. Will take a while. It is very complex. This might be one of them, but even if it is not, here is something on my mind.

Tony Robbins said once in one of those infomercials that made him insanely rich...

"If you want to be successful, watch what the successful people do, and then just do that."

That was paraphrased. He didn't use those exact words, but he used that exact sentiment.
So, it would seem to me that if we want to stop gun violence, and generally all the needless, criminal violence we see in America, Canada, and all over really, why don't we look at the places that seem to be able to avoid the problem and figure out what they are doing, and start doing that?
I was just in the Cayman Islands and I can tell you this:
They don't allow any guns of any kind. Cops don't carry them and citizens are not allowed to have them. Caymans is a seemingly rich country with lots of wealth. They have almost no crime and people don't lock their doors at night. And they have had 1 murder the whole year, out of something like 60,000 plus people. And that is in line with every year, it is not a fluke.
So, what are they doing and why is it working for them?
My opinion, they have a better class of people. The problem is we allow second class citizens to exist and vote and they cause the issues. They also have no taxes to remove the wealth from the poorer people and give it to the rich or a safety net to let the freeloaders survive.
Just my take.

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  1. wow, we used to live there and I have heard since Hurricane Ivan crime has increased dramatically, and there are second class citizens there, with guns. Even tho the police don't carry them and "they are not allowed". There are still guns, crime, and violence. Just a skilled PR person in government. Did you know the Premier of the Cayman Islands is under investigation for fraud, among other things? Like a shipment of explosives??
    True, you don't have to lock your doors, but there was just a family that was tied up in their living room and robbed mid-day.
    And taxes, no. BUT they charge a high duty on everything that comes on the island, and have 'stamp duty' on every piece of property bought. So it's not called taxes, it's called duty.
    You also have to pay duty on every package you receive in the mail, gifts and all.
    I bet you noticed how expensive everything was too. This is a problem with the once middle class there, now they cannot afford electricity and milk. Cayman is going down a scary road these days. It may not look like it to tourists. But living there is a whole different matter.
    I hope you had a good time there. I do miss it, but would be careful to suggest that having the police not carry guns is a good idea. The criminals have them.


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